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Psalm 100

O Lord, I will sing to You of mercy and
I will sing and understand in a
blameless way;
When will You come to me?
I walked in the innocence of my heart
in the midst of my house.
I have not set any lawless thing before
my eyes;
I hated those who commit
A crooked heart shall not cleave to
As for the evil man who turned away
from me,
I did not know him.
He who secretly slanders his neighbor,
This one I chased away;
The one with an arrogant eye and
insatiable heart,
With this one I did not eat.
My eyes were on the faithful of the
earth, so they may dwell with
He who walks in a blameless way, this
one ministered to me.
He who acts arrogantly did not dwell
in the midst of my house;
He who speaks unjustly did not
prosper before my eyes.
In the morning I slew all the sinners of
the earth,
So as to destroy from the city of the
Lord all the workers of

Scripture quoted from the Orthodox Study Bible, published and copyright 2008 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

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