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Prayer to Archangel Michael by Justin Popovic

You're all fire and zeal, holy Archangel Michael, so we pray: ignite our souls with the fire of your zeal, to let us always joyfully serve our common Lord with our awake conscience, wholeheartedly emulating you, sinless and holy our guardian angel, and our supreme commander of the army all heavenly and earthly army of Christ. Wonders of The Lord Jesus Christ has made the one Church of angels and men, that we might be people who mysteriously represent cherubim on the ground, see the heavenly world our partners, let stand you, luminous and wonderful Archangel Michael. You, who in heaven crushed, and defeated Satan, and threw him out of heaven to the bottom of hell. It helps us and always, please, powerful Archangels that you force your winning over Satan, attack from all sides, and know who the godless people are by their impure thoughts, passions on the earth, by their intoxicating passion.

Holy Prince of heavenly powers, you cleared the skies of Satan and his dark angels, and cleanse our souls from all sin because our sins open the doors and windows of our souls, and through them, unclean demonic forces stain and deaden our souls, that should be pure, angelic and immortal. Without your help Holy prince, commander of the army of heaven, we become easy prey to impure forces: and therefore heartily pray, admit us into His invincible army and war for us and ahead of us, leading us in every battle for our souls, for our salvation, for our eternity in heaven, and providing us victory over all sin and over every dark angel, devil and demon.

O, Holy Archangels, we are desperately helpless before the power of the demonic hell, if we do not help with all our strength in His divine power. With you, we will always succeed to win all the battles for our souls and our salvation and our eternal life in heaven; without you, we helplessly stumble from one defeat to another, from sin to sin, from iniquity to iniquity. So be always with us, and do not leave us because of our sins and our passions, but, loving us with divine love. Done, so we who do hate sin and all the sinful passions, and fulfill our soul destiny and virtue. Here, we surrender our souls to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Holy First Angels of God; please we pray and beg you to lead us always on the path that would take us to the Kingdom of God, so that we, together with you, forever praise the All-Merciful Saviour, sweetest Jesus, Highest Priest Lord Jesus Christ, and His Father, Lover of mankind, and the eternally loving Holy Spirit, the Comforter, who we praise and to whom we are grateful, and give glory, now and ever, and ages of ages. Amen.