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Prayer to the Lord for Healing

O Lord our God, who are righteous, compassionate, the Physician of our souls and bodies; By whose stripes we are healed; The Good Shepherd, who comes to search for the wandering sheep; Who desires not the death of a sinner, but that he may turn from his wickedness and live; Who gives consolation to the faint-hearted, and life to those who are shattered; Who did heal the woman who had an issue of blood for twelve years; Who did set free the daughter of the woman of Canaan, who was tormented by a devil; Who didst bestow healing and forgiveness of sins upon the paralytic; Who didst justify the publican by Your word, and accepted the thief through his confession at the last moment; Who took the sins of the world and nailed them to the cross: Lord, to You I lift up my voice: Stretch forth Your powerful arm. Send down from Heaven, Your healing power. Touch my sick body. Bless the means used for my recovery and those who administer them. Release the fever. Soothe the suffering. Drive away the weakness. Forgive my sins. Raise me up from the bed of affliction. Grant that this sickness may be the means of my repentance and transformation. For I am but dust, and if I live at all it is only by Your power and grace. To You, Lord Jesus, I direct my prayer, and trusting in Your mercy and love, I offer all worship and adoration to You, and the eternal Father and the most Holy Spirit now and ever and unto †he ages of ages.

-From the book My Daily ORTHODOX Prayer Book
Classic Orthodox Prayers for Every Need

compiled and edited by Anthony M. Coniaris