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Prayer to be Free of Evil Eye
by St. Basil the Great

Prayer Against the Evil Eye for One Person.

Let us pray to the Lord…Lord have mercy

O Lord Our God, the King of the ages, almighty and all powerful, who create and alter all things by your will alone; who changed into dew the flames of the furnace in Babylon that had been heated seven times more than usual, and preserved in safety Your three holy youths; the physican and healer of our souls; the security of those who hope in You; we pray You and beseech You: Remove, drive away and banish every diabolical activity, every satanic attack and every plot, evil curiousity and injury, and the evil eye of mischievous and wicked men from your servant (Name); and whether it was brought about by beauty, or bravery, or happiness, or jealousy and envy, or evil eye, do You Yourself, O Lord Who love mankind, stretch out your mighty hand and your powerful and lofty arm, look down on this your creature and watch over him(her), and send him(her) an angel of peace, a mighty guardian of soul and body, who will rebuke and banish from him (her) every wicked intention, every spell and evil eye of destructive and envious men; so that, guarded by You, Your supplicant may sing to You with thanksgiving: The Lord is my helper, and I shall not be afraid; what can man do to me? And again: I shall fear no evil because You are with me.

For you are God my strength, the Powerful Ruler, The Prince of Peace, The Father of the age to come. Yes, Lord, Our God, spare your creature and save your servant (Name) from every injury brought about by the evil eye, and keep him (her) safe above every ill. For your are Our King and all things are possible to Thee, O Lord. Therefore, we ascribe Glory to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Please sprinkle holy water after praying this prayer.