Prayers to Theotokos Mother Mary
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Prayer For Being Freed From Oppressing Unclean Spirits

Eternal God, who redeemed the human race from the captivity of the devil! Deliver your servant (name) from any action of unclean spirits, command all evil and unclean spirits and demons to depart from the body and soul of your servant (name). Command them not to remain, and not hide in him. Yes, they must flee away from him, from the creation of thy hands in the holy name of Your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, and Your life-giving Spirit. That thy servant, cleansed from all demonic action, will live truthfully, honestly. and godly, honoring the Immaculate mysteries of Your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, and our God, with which the Orthodox are blessed with and, You, along with Your Blessed Auspicious life-giving Spirit now and ever, and unto the ages.