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Prayer Against the evil-eye

O Lord our God, King of the ages, omnipotent and almighty, who create all things and who, by your mere desire, transform all things; who changed into dew the seven-fold furnace and its fire in Babylon, and who kept safe your three holy children: physician and healer of our souls, haven of those who hope in You; we beseech You and implore You; remove, banish, and expel every diabolic energy, every satanic attack and every plot, every wicked curiousity and harm, and the evil-eye of mischievous and evil-minded people from your servant(s) (N); and if anything has happened because of beauty or because of bravery or good fortune or because of jealousy and envy, Yourself, O Master, who love mankind, extend your powerful hand and your mighty and most high arm, and as you look upon everything, look upon this (these) your creature(s), and send him (her) (them) [a] peaceful and powerful Angel(s), guardian(s) of soul and body who will reprove and expel from him (her) (them) every wicked intention, every witchcraft, and the evil-eye of ruinous and envious people, and the one(s) who supplicate(s) you as he (she) (they) is (are) protected by You, will sing to You in thanksgiving: "The Lord be my helper, and I will not fear; what will any man do to me?" and again I will not fear bad things, because you are with me; because you, O God, are my strength, a mighty ruler, leader of peace, father of the age to come." Yea, O Lord our God, spare your creature(s), and deliver your servant(s) from every harm and every influence caused by the evil-eye, and preserve her (him) (them) higher than every evil thing; through the prayers of our all-blessed, glorious Lady Theotokos and ever-Virgin Mary, of the luminous Archangels, and of all the Saints.

-from The Euchologion